Inquiring about your wedding dessert? The first initial thing to do is fill out the inquiry form with the basic information requiring your wedding cakes or cupcakes.

First thing would be to schedule a wedding consultation to test out flavors of your chosen desserts. We work with your schedule on when you would like to make an appointment to sample. Up to 4 people can attend the tasting event and you can try up to 6 flavors of cake or cupcakes.

Cost is $25 + Additional cost of $5 per flavor if wanting to try more than 6. We also do other baked goods such as cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, etc to complete your dream dessert bar. At the tasting we go over all the details that pertain to your wedding order and give you a price quote at the end of it.

If you decide you would love to book with us then we take a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your wedding date. If booking the day of your tasting then we waive the $25 tasting fee.
Adjustments or changes in the order can be made within 2 weeks prior to the date. At the 2 week mark we also collect final payment. Payment can be made sooner if order is not changing. Half way payments are also allowed or if someone else if paying for the wedding order then that can be arranged as well. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American express, local checks, or cash payment. Card payments may be processed over the phone if not in person. The week of the wedding we will confirm delivery time + set up if not picking up wedding order. We highly recommend having delivery and setup if large orders. If working with a planner we will confirm with them.

                                                        Popular Wedding Flavors:
Pink Champagne- Rose brut champagne cake, raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream
Lemon Lavender- Lemon cake, lemon curd filling, lavender frosting
Carrot cake- carrot cake with pecans, cream cheese filling, vanilla bean buttercream
Red Velvet- classic dutch cocoa cake, cream cheese filling, vanilla buttercream
Espresso Marble- chocolate/vanilla swirled cake, ganache filling, espresso buttercream
Vanilla Strawberry- Vanilla buttermilk cake, strawberry filling, vanilla bean frosting
Chocolate raspberry- Chocolate butter cake, tart raspberry filling, chocolate or vanilla buttercream
Coconut cake- coconut cream cake, coconut custard , coconut buttercream
Creme Brulee- brown sugar cake, vanilla bean custard filling, caramel buttercream
German Chocolate- Chocolate cake, coconut+pecan German filling, chocolate buttercream