Joker Poker – A Fundamental Guide for Players

Joker Poker, also known as Joker Wild, is a variant of video poker in which the Joker functions as a wild card. As with other video poker games, the objective is to obtain the finest possible five-card hand. With the joker functioning as a wild card, poker players will have a greater chance of achieving a successful hand.

How to Play (Five-of-a-Kind) Joker Poker

This variation is played with 53 card decks, all regular cards 2-A plus one joker, making it one of the few games where a five-of-a-kind hand is genuinely possible. (Five-of-a-kind combinations are also possible in Deuces Wild Video Poker, as all twos are wild and can substitute for any other card, just like the joker in Joker Poker).

If you wish to play this adaptable game, observe the following guidelines:


Choose an online casino from this page’s toplist, or log in to your existing online casino account.

Choose a payment method that is available in your region and enter the desired amount.

Choose the Joker Poker video poker game at your chosen online casino.

Choose a bet amount for the initial round of play in Joker Poker.

Find the ‘deal cards’ button on the screen and select it to initiate the first game round. The screen will display five cards chosen at random from a standard deck of 53 cards.

Examine the five cards in front of you and decide if you want to discard any to enhance your hand or if your hand is strong enough as is. Utilize the table of strategies in this article for assistance.

If your hand is weak, select the cards you wish to discard and then press the ‘deal cards’ button again to receive new cards.

You will either receive a payout (see payout table below) if you have a winning poker hand or lose your money. You must have a pair of Kings or higher to receive a payout.

If you wish to continue playing, select the same ‘deal cards’ button once more to receive five new cards.

Optimal Strategy for Joker Poker

The strategy for jester poker is relatively simple. The primary distinction between this variation and others is that the wild card is used to construct any poker hand. Consult the table below to determine what to do when you receive a specific set of cards, and bear in mind that the Joker card can transform into any card in the deck.


Initial deal of CardsOptimal Method

Royal Flush Keep hold of all your papers.

Direct flushKeep hold of all your papers.

Four in a RowKeep hold of all your papers.

Full deckKeep hold of all your papers.

Four to a Royal Flush Draw a single Flush card.Keep hold of all your papers.

Three in a RowDraw two cards

Straight Keep hold of all your papers.

Four required for Straight Flush Draw one card

Two Pair to a single card

Three card draw for a pair

Three required for a Royal Flush Draw two cards.

Four for a Straight Draw one card

One Low Pair with three cards drawn.

One card is drawn for a Straight Four.

Draw two cards for a Straight Flush.

Two to a Royal Flush Three card draw

Two Rank BoostsCollect Three Cards

Four cards are drawn from one high card.

Five Unlinked Low CardsShuffle Five Cards

Joker Poker Pay Table

The rewards are greater the stronger the hand. Before you begin playing Video Poker online, it is imperative that you examine the payout table for each individual machine. As a general rule, the amount of payouts corresponds to the standard poker hand ranking. In Joker Poker, the payout table begins at a pair of monarchs. Deuces Wild, for instance, begins with three of a kind. Because there is only one wild card in Joker Poker, it is more difficult to form dominant hands. Deuces Wild contains more wild cards (all four 2’s), but there are no payouts for pairs, and payouts for trips and straights are typically significantly lower. Compared to Jacks or Better, the addition of the wild card increases the likelihood of being dealt a dominant hand. Unfortunately, the paytable reflects this as well, as shown below.



Card Result Payout

Royal Flush x700

x200 Five of a Kind

Royal Flush with 100 Jokers

50 Straight Flush

x20 Four of a Kind

Full House x7 Straight Flush x5

Straight by three

Three of a Kind times two

Two Pair x1 King or Ace Pair x1

Level-up Joker Poker

Sometimes, Joker Poker is offered in level-up mode. In level-up mode, a winning poker hand will increase your level. First-level payouts are multiplied by one, second-level payouts are multiplied by two, and so on. If you are unable to complete your hand, the game is over and you will descend the ladder. A “Free Ride Card” can transport you to the next level automatically, even if your hand does not qualify.

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